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Are you looking for the ideal conference call services provider? Hear valuable tips on selecting the Best Service in Town.

Conference Call Service emergency #1 (out of coffee)

Conference Call Service emergency #2 (leaky jelly donut)

Conference Call Service emergency #3 (need pizza delivered)

Conference Call Service emergency #4 (heart attack)

Want to get away for a round of golf during your afternoon-long conference call? Try our Proof of Attendance.

Ever split your pants at the office? Check out the Split Jean Saga.

Have you ever tried to get away with staying at home while the boss is on vacation. Be careful -- you might get Ratted out.

Don't abandon your phone during a conference call. Someone could walk by and Let 'er rip.

You've been on a conference call all day long, and there is no end in sight. It's time to Take Action.

If you're really desperate to get out, here's another technique that is Sure to Work.

" I was a victim of a walk-by farter during a conference call. If only I'd have seen your site a little sooner, I would still have my dignity. "

I. M. Stinky, Flushing, N.Y.

" I really resent what you have done for conference call sufferers. My business has dropped over 50% since you went online with your web site. "

John Duck, MD, Conference Call Counseling Center

" You saved my business Before seeing your web site, my conference call services cost me thousands per day. Thank you so much."

Joseph Schmoe

" Thank you for showing me how to select an ideal telephone conference call services provider. "

Josephine Schmoe

" Thanks for showing me that I'm not the only one suffering from conference call syndrome. Now I know I'm not alone. You rock! "

Catherine Combs, Comptroller, California Conference Call Consumer Center, Central Contra Costa County

" I have been looking for a conference call services provider for months. You have completely demystified the selection process."

Lay Z. Bhoi

" Ever since I started working five years ago, I thought I was the only one who suffered through endless conference calls and four-hour meetings. Now I know I'm not suffering alone. Thank you so much. "

S. Leepie, Seattle, WA.

Filcher nearly died for you.

" As a career long conference call sufferer, I'm eternally grateful to you for exposing our suffering for the whole world to see. Filcher is not the figment of anybody's imagination. . . he is the invisible spokesperson for every person who is tired of attending endless meetings while work just piles higher and higher. Thank you for speaking out. "

Pete Pumpkineater

Just say no to all-day meetings.


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